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Artisan full-leaf teas in silk pyramid bags.Individually wrapped for maximum freshness.Combination of gourmet flavor and utmost convenience.Made in USA.

Loose tea taste need not come at the expense of convenience. Adagio's gourmet bags make it easy to enjoy both, combining the superior flavor of full-leaf tea with the ease of a disposable bag. Their pyramid shape provides ample room for the expansion of the large leaves that characterize gourmet tea. This is in sharp contrast to ordinary bags, which contain small tea fragments called fannings or dust. As a result, ordinary teabags produce dark color, but very little in a way of taste - a far cry from the abundance of flavor found in Adagio's gourmet products. Perfect for foodservice, restaurant and other professional industrial uses. Bulk pricing available through Adagio Wholesale.

Adagio Teas Gourmet Tea Bags Blueberry White 15 Count RWYOOHICG

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