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Add privacy and curb appeal to your existing chain link fenceDesigned for 6ft 11.5, 11, or 9 gauge chain link with 2 to 2-3/8 inch diamond (see detailed description)Each unit contains 82 slats and 10 feet of bottom locking channel to cover 10 linear feet of fenceMade in the USA from virgin High Density Polyethylene and UV inhibitorsLimited 30 year warranty

6ft Green Ridged Slats by Slat Warehouse can be added to existing chain link fence to improve privacy, security, and aesthetics. Slats are economical and easy to install. Each box contains 82 slats and 10 feet of Viper Lock Channel - enough to cover 10 linear feet of six foot tall chainlink fence. Each individual slat measures 1.25 inches wide and can be installed in 11.5, 11, or 9 gauge chain link fabric with a diamond pattern ranging from 2 to 2.375 inches. Slats are approximately 68.5 inches long (3.5 inches shorter than the overall height of the chain link fence to facilitate installation). It is the owners responsibility to ensure your fence will withstand the increased wind load of adding slats. To install, simply slide the Viper Lock Channel horizontally into the bottom of the first fully enclosed diamond of chain link (see details in pictures) and then slide each slat vertically through the diamonds of the chain link until it clicks into the locking channel. Take care to face each slat the same direction. DO NOT WEAVE in and out of the chain link. Chain link is woven in a way that leaves a space for the slat to slide down through the fence. Damaged or bent chain link fence may need to be repaired to facilitate slat installation. How much privacy can I expect The amount of privacy achieved varies depending on the size of the diamond of the chain link used. The size of the chain link diamond is the space measured between two parallel wires in the diamond weave (not corner to corner). Two inch diamond requires approximately 82 slats every 10 feet providing 85 percent coverage (1.25 x 82 ÷ 120 = 85.4%). Economy chain link with a 2.375 diamond requires approximately 74 slats every 10 feet providing 75% coverage (1.25 x 74 ÷ 120 = 77.1%). Chain link fabric with a diamond pattern larger than two inches will use fewer slats than provided in each unit. Extra Viper Lock Channel is available for purchase to use with extra slats.

6ft Green Ridged Slats for Chain Link Fence FKKGXWOYJ

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