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Keep everything you need for the BBQ within reach with this 18-piece portable grilling tool set, great for camping, BBQ picnics and partiesIncludes barbecue fork, tongs, slotted spatula with bottle opener, basting brush, grill brush, all-purpose knife, 8 corn holders, and 4 skewersGleaming stainless steel and handmade wooden handles mean your tool set will continue to impress year after yearLong handles are great for grillers with large barbecues and ensure that your hands will stay away from the heatHanging loops make it convenient to keep your tools at the ready so your dinner won’t burn

Keep everything you need for your grill is at your fingertips meaning your food won’t burn and you’ll get delicious results every time. Each stainless steel tool includes an easy-to-grip handmade wooden handle. The length is ideal for keeping your hands away from the heat while you easily turn, grab and flip your delicious burgers, hotdogs, veggies, fish fillets and cuts of meat.


Fork: Lift, turn and remove large chunks of meat from the grill with this sturdy, stainless steel tool.

Tongs: Easy to open and close, these tongs let you get a good grip on your food without worrying about dropping it in the fire or on the ground.

Slotted spatula: This spatula includes a convenient bottle opener so you’ll stay refreshed while you do the cooking.

Basting brush: Apply marinade on the grill and off with this brush designed for keeping your food moist and delicious.

All-purpose knife: This sharp and sturdy tool is convenient for cutting meats and vegetables at the grill, deboning cuts of meat and filleting fish.

Corn holders: Eat your corn while it's hot right of the grill; smother your corn in butter and keep your hands clean.

Skewers: Flat-headed skewers keep food from falling off while boasting a long length so you can fit loads of fresh veggies and meat on each one.

Brush: When you’re done, clean off the grill with this grill brush with metal scraper, pack up your tools in the convenient case and store for next time.

18pcs Stainless-Steel Wood Handle Barbecue BBQ Tool Set with Storage Case NZSGTTESG

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